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Subject: NiHT Digital MarketingIs your website mobile ready ?
Date: January 23rd 2014
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Namaste Ji

Businesses can now engage important and affluent internet users - those who access the net on their smartphones - with mobile websites.


A good example of this is the web presence of our client Purshotam Co. Pvt. Ltd. Their normal web site is and their mobile website is - if you visit both web sites on a phone or tablet you will experience for yourself the difficulty smartphone users face in navigating a normal web site and the comparative advantage that a mobile website offers, with legible and clear text and the use of device specific capabilities like GPS for map location and turn by turn directions.


First mover advantage

Order a mobile website today and secure a place for your logo on the home screen of the phones and tablets of your clients, contacts and others - including an estimated 4.4 crore Indian smartphone users.


Source: Medianama, 2013


It is quick & easy

We reuse the content in your existing web site to make a mobile website so your involvement is minimal, as compared to the time and effort you had to put in to create your normal web site.


The mobile website of Purshotam was created in about one week, with zero involvement from the client.

An emerging opportunity

Watch a quick video about the adoption rate of mobile internet and the opportunity this offers to local businesses such as yours.

The cost of developing a mobile website

The cost of creating a mobile website is low, compared to that of a normal web site. The cost depends on:

  •  The complexity of your existing web site

  •  The sections you wish to include in your mobile website

  •  The number of images which need to be resized

  •  The quantity of text which has to be summarized or reformatted

As a general guideline, the cost of creating a mobile website from a 5 to 10 page web site is Rs. 12,000.

Call us with the URL of your existing web site for a free estimate of costs.

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