The truth about FALSE

From: "RCGC AGM 2019: Team Abhay" <mail@PROTECTED>
Subject: The truth about FALSE
Date: September 20th 2019
We circulated a note recently which included some uncomfortable questions / observations – that elicited a verbose rebuttal from the Opposition. Every point mentioned was responded to, starting with the word False. However, the explanations were only to skirt around the facts and avoid admitting the word TRUTH – in an illusion of denial!!
We highlight below a few instances:
  1. We mentioned that selective members were being given enhanced credit limits beyond the set norms – Rebuttal was “False” and the explanation was that till recently (till when we ask?) this was happening. How False then?
  2. We mentioned GC Meetings were not held for 3 months and Budget was not finalised till July end, an unprecedented delay – Rebuttal was “False” and the explanation was that the company law did not mandate monthly meetings and that departments were still preparing the budget till June – confirming the fact we had stated !! Our question was not on company law requirements, but on good governance practiced in our club. How False then?
  3. We mentioned that GC was bypassed in the matter of Swimming Pool Men’s changing room renovation – Rebuttal was “False” with the explanation that Swimming Convenor was aware and the project was executed under special approval of the Captain. Which is exactly what we said - that the GC was not aware!! How False then?
  4. We mentioned regarding activities which have been initiated in the last month, just before the election and i It is obvious this is a case of getting into election mode. Rebuttal was “False”.However the work, which started only in August 2019, is visible to all. How False then?


Like the above, we can give details on every point but since the reality is quite obvious, do we really need to get into any more lengthy facts? We do not wish to keep playing this back and forth game and believe the members can also see what the truth is. The question asked by the Opposition was CAN THE BLIND HAVE VISION – we believe that the actual question to be answered is CAN OUR MEMBERS, WHO HAVE BOTH VISION AND FORESIGHT, BE BLINDED BY HALF TRUTHS?


In conclusion, a brief observation on the latest Vision Document released by the Opposition. We had proposed to call an EGM for increasing the cap on senior members. The response then was that we were trying to mislead senior members and that even if an EGM was to be called it was near impossible to pass the proposal. Subsequently, in the vision document from the Opposition, there is a promise to call an EGM and propose a resolution to change the Membership policy – it seems that the near impossible will miraculously become possible when the Opposition calls an EGM of the same members!!


We reiterate our values - Integrity, Transparency, Accountability and Respect.  

We reiterate our action plan as detailed as per the agenda circulated earlier.


We seek your support – Let us together make our Royal Royal again!!

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