Introducing TRAVELIVO by Anuradha Dugar

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Subject: Introducing TRAVELIVO by Anuradha Dugar
Date: February 2nd 2016
Travelivo - travel to live. By Anuradha Dugar
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An Introduction

Travelivo believes in living up travel and creating memories which last a lifetime.

We are ‘travel tailors’

  • we craft holidays around your interests and preferences
  • we design custom-made global holiday packages
  • we plan adventure getaways
  • we structure private holidays
  • we even put our distinctive science into getting you ‘lost’ in the wild
Since we are not yet the largest, we service faster, process with speed and communicate effectively. We have been doing this faithfully for 10 years. The result: we have a large number of delighted customers and travel friends.


Dreamer. Doer. Adventurer. Loreto graduate.  
Was always fascinated with the concept of being footloose across new destinations. So she went on to work with VFS, Thomas Cook and Make My Trip, where she serviced with a difference.  
Built committed clients; clients became repeat clients. Because she handled all holidays like she was going on them herself.
Made all the difference.

The Team

Passionate. Punctual. Particular.  
That’s our team. It radiates a cheerful optimism. It resolves travel challenges with timely solutions. What more could you need?


7/1 Deodar Street
Kolkata 700019

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Travelivo - travel to live. We are a Kolkata based provider of experiences for holidays, weddings and treks. Travelivo is led by Anuradha Dugar.

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