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Intra-company distribution list of Orient Transport Company for air freight related communication.

Orient Transport Company was established in the year 1950 as a Custom House Agency operating in the Port City of Calcutta. It was founded by the late Pran Kumar Sen to cater to the needs of industries which were dependent on Imports and even had interests in the Export Markets.

From the 90’s till the present day this Company has managed to retain most of its original clients and still operates from the Ports of Calcutta and Haldia. Additionally, it also caters to the Air Consignment needs of it’s clients by sub-contracting. It also looks into their warehousing needs and plans to expand its offices in the Port Cities of Visakhapatnam and Paradip, which are emerging as one of the major port cities in the Country.

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October 20th 2017

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October 20th 2017

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October 20th 2017

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