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Judgement day is here - be part of it @ 6pm at the Royal...

November 18th 2015

Dear Royal friend, This is our last & final clarion call to you come on board TeamShyamal. You have a tryst with destiny this evening at the Main Club @ 6 p.m. when the AGM is called to order. Following that, polling will begin at 7 p.m. sharp and is likely to continue till 10 p.m. But we would request you not to leave it to the bare end and complete your polling not later than 9.30 p.m. To refresh your memory, here is the TeamShyamal complement - Captain: * Shyamal Mitra Gene ...Continue Reading

The only cry on the battlefield is "TeamShyamal"...

November 17th 2015

Dear Royal friends, We would first like to place on record our profuse thanks to you for supporting us over the last four months ever since TeamShyamal was formed to ventilate the voice of common members. Royal is not merely the preserve of a handful who try to appropriate a noble pedigree but a congregation of achievers (not just fortunate inheritors) from diverse backgrounds that is a fitting microcosm of India. Just as there are 500 odd active golfers and about a 100 frequent lawn bowlers ...Continue Reading

Annual Reports - Observations

November 14th 2015

Dear Royal Members, Even a cursory review of the AUDITED accounting figures for the current year, circulated by the CEO of RCGC, reveals certain intriguing figures mainly the following: INCOME AND EXPENDITURE A. Provision has been made in the 2014-2015 accounts for Municipal Tax Arrears of 1.59 Cr. (refer Page 3 and Page 11) which was paid only recently and disclosed to the members. TeamShyamal Observation: One wonders how the provision was made so early. Did the club office engage the ...Continue Reading

Free & Fair Election

November 6th 2015

Dear fellow Members of Royal, First a quick preamble since many of you may not be aware of the events that have marred the last two elections. TeamShyamal has approached the CEO and the committee to conduct a free and fair election on 18th November, 2015 with a firm proposal. However, if the committee, as in the earlier years, chooses to disregard TeamShyamal’s request, we will be left with only the hard option of approaching the court for justice. TeamShyamal is keen to avoid court proceedi ...Continue Reading

XANDER - Land case

November 2nd 2015

Dear Royal Members, The management of RCGC is sequencing out good & bad news in a well-planned manner with a clear eye on the elections. But our members are erudite and discerning enough to see through these “too clever by half” machinations of the thoroughly inept and discredited committee. That Xander would ask for a refund of their 6.50 Crore deposit was a forgone conclusion as the judicial system had clearly restrained Royal from monetizing any part of the club into a real estate projec ...Continue Reading


October 27th 2015

Dear fellow Royal Member, We are certain that the ongoing festivities are still consuming you as we speak. However, all of us have some unfinished business to attend to soon. To bring this energetic campaign to a successful closure, TeamShyamal expects your most valuable vote at the upcoming AGM. The much delayed AGM, as we hear from the grapevine, could well be held on 18th or 19th November. But do await a confirmation from us. Our brief agenda has been already circulated through SMS, Email, ...Continue Reading

Reduce Wasteful Expenditure and the Financial Burden on Club Members

October 20th 2015

Friends, When it is in the fitness of things for us to ask the Establishment, "Why are you charging such an unreasonable amount and driving away tenured members?", it is the ruling cabal who is instead asking us - "How can you reduce this abnormally high subscription?". Implicit in their counter query is their acceptance that the monthly charges of the club are indeed high. Just as they are tacitly accepting that many in their existing and earlier committees were not only ine ...Continue Reading

Lifting the Veil after 11 years

October 14th 2015

Members of the Royal, As members of Royal continue to speculate what really might be the problem in presenting the annual accounts of the club even after 6 months from the annual closing date, TeamShyamal is geared up for the challenge, regardless of when the elections are held. There is no nuclear science involved in presenting the accounts of a club that (presumably) has less than 2,000 members on its rolls. One is not even sure of the accurate number of members as the group that has been ...Continue Reading

An Update on the Election Climate

October 10th 2015

Members of the Royal, An update on the present "election climatic condition" at the Royal. Supporters of the establishment have been asking us “Where is your manifesto, what is your agenda ?” Our answer has been that our primary agenda is that we shall not be telling fairy tales to members and we shall ensure the Revival of Royal. And they have never answered any questions! Not used to it! To our question about their manifesto, their agenda, they have no answers. This is the conse ...Continue Reading

Reaffirmation of Our Stand

October 3rd 2015

Dear Friends, AN UPDATE Further to our earlier email (see [1]http://goo.gl/jFoWUp ) in which we had outlined the background of our joint endeavor to contest at the next AGM of RCGC - whenever it is allowed to be held - a lot of water has flown down the Hooghly. This is an update on recent developments and also a reaffirmation of our stand. We are in the process of creating some charts and graphs to illustrate how Club members have been financially burdened in recent years. The informa ...Continue Reading


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