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Altius Sports

Altius Sports brings to India and SAARC nations the very best of outdoor and indoor sports surfaces that are maintenance-friendly, durable, high on player comfort and safe. Our artificial turf stays lush and green all year through.

At Altius, we make sure that success grins on you.

Maintenance-friendly, Long-lasting, NZ Made

March 13th 2019


Anuradha Dugar Travel Blog

If you enjoy reading about my adventures around the globe, please subscribe to receive email about my blog posts. I hope that my passion for travel and my heartfelt affinity with the breathtaking countries that I have explored will provide some inspiration for your next dream trip.

Arte Compass Pte Ltd

Arte Compass: creating conversations through arts for over a decade. Subscribe to the mailing list to receive information about forthcoming events and activities.


March 2nd 2018

Arte Compass & Apsaras Arts is proud to present, MARA – THE MASTERMIND!\[\-\-z77U7SWSDM_TMP NAME: 1:2 COLUMN DM_TMPz77U7SWS\-\-\] " \[\-\-z77U7SWSDM_TMP BEGIN TEMPLATE // DM_TMPz77U7SWS\-\-\] \[\-\-z77U7SWSDM_TMP BEGIN PREHEADER // DM_TMPz77U7SWS\-\-\] \[\-\-z77U7SWSDM_TMP [1]View this email in your browser DM_TMPz77U7SWS\-\-\] \[\-\-z77U7SWSDM_TMP // END PREHEADER DM_TMPz77U7SWS\-\-\] \[\-\-z77U7SWSDM_TMP BEGIN HEADER // DM_TMPz77U7SWS\-\-\] CELEBRATING THE POWER OF ...Continue Reading

Calport Mailing List

Calport Technologies, established in 1995, offers various internet related services and solutions to individuals as well as corporate, educational and non-profit organizations in eastern India. We specialize in computer based communication and have showcased our technical prowess via Calport BBS (an electronic Bulletin Board System, online since 1995) and our other award winning internet properties.

The Calport Mailing List is occasionally used to send subscribers information about new services, special offers and discounts.

Ready-made mobile apps

December 26th 2018

Ready made business apps, just add your business name & logo * Restaurants / Cafes * id:e5228c3e-277fdf6e-cf5f09d4-954dbf91 * Product Sellers * Supermarkets * Bill Payment * Canteens * Meat shops * Fruit / Vegetable shops & a lot more! Features: * Customers can view Products / Services / Prices * Customers can Pay you Online * Customers can also earn Reward Points from you * Customers can chat with you real-time [1]Click he ...Continue Reading


Comp-U-Graphics offers CRM related corporate training and IT solutions under the leadership of Nikhil Bhagat and Minal Bhagat. This mailing list is used to send out information about service updates, special offers and discounts.

Delta SenCorp & Co.

DeltaSencorp & Co is an Indian start-up focussing on industrial & institutional operations maintenance & manpower services. Founded by alumnus of IIFT, Delhi (Ministry of Commerce) & IIM-Calcutta, it can be described as a social-enterprise responsible, for among many things, providing operations maintenance & industrial management in extreme rural as well as up-market urban regions.

This mailing list is to broadcast company news, announcements and blog posts.

DiaNews - the weekly newsletter from DiaPrices

DiaPrices is your source for regularly updated diamond prices, industry news and expert views. DiaNews is the weekly newsletter from DiaPrices, covering news and information related to the gems and jewelry industry in India.

DN Ray, Advocate

Mailing list for DN Ray, Advocate of the Supreme Court of India. Contains news and announcements for clients and others interested in keeping abreast with this legal practice.

Dr Rupali Basu List

A mailing list of people that Dr. Rupali Basu wishes to keep informed about events and activities that she is involved with.

Dr Basu serves as Chief Executive Officer of Eastern Region at Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd. Prior to joining Apollo Hospitals, she was associated with Wockhardt Hospitals. Dr. Basu is involved with causes related to health, women's issues and the city of Kolkata.

Subscribe to the mailing list to receive information about forthcoming events and activities.

Saree Exhibition by Dr Rupali Basu on February 10 and February 11, 2014

February 8th 2014

Dr. Rupali Basu Saree Exhibition 2014 \[\-\-EGPw5ygeDM_TMP If you delete this tag, the sky will fall on your head DM_TMPEGPw5yge\-\-\] \[\-\-EGPw5ygeDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPEGPw5yge\-\-\] [IMAGE] \[\-\-EGPw5ygeDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPEGPw5yge\-\-\] \[\-\-EGPw5ygeDM_TMP BODY DM_TMPEGPw5yge\-\-\] \[\-\-EGPw5ygeDM_TMP A Real Hero (and a real human being) DM_TMPEGPw5yge\-\-\] \[\-\-EGPw5ygeDM_TMP /hero DM_TMPEGPw5yge\-\-\] \[\-\-EGPw5ygeDM_TMP Callout Panel DM_TMPEGPw5yge\-\-\] \[\-\-EGPw5ygeDM_T ...Continue Reading

International Industrial Gases Ltd.

International Industrial Gases Limited is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of acetylene plants, air separation plants (oxygen and nitrogen), nitrous oxide plants, equipment and gases. We design, fabricate and supply plants that are compliant with international standards.

The IIGAS Mailing List is used occasionally to send subscribers information about new products, services, special offers and discounts.

IRCMD Mailing List

IRCMD is a rural skill development wing of NIHT group. NIHT provides training in computer hardware and networking skills. The IRCMD mailing list sends out occasional email about news and special offers.

IRCMD Mailing List Message

June 27th 2013

IRCMD Mailing List Message hiuh iuh iu hiu hihuiuh ihiuhiuhih ...Continue Reading

Learn Develop Grow

The process of engagement in the Learn-Develop-Grow cycle involves facilitating programs which invite stakeholders in the organization to learn about themselves, their organization and even their families and social groups.

Test Message

February 16th 2016

Dear Friends, Please ignore this mail. It is generated from a program to test whether your address is valid or not. If it is valid it will inform me, if not the mail id will be removed from my list. Thanks a ton, Leslie D'Gama ...Continue Reading

Marble Palace Guest House

Receive news, announcements and special offers from Marble Palace Guest House, a reputed name offering home-style accommodation with all the modern amenities, in Kolkata and Shantiniketan.

Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region

The feedback form of the website of the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region uses this service to collect and store the name and email address of every person who fills out the feedback form on the MDoNER website. The ministry can then send an email to these people whenever they wish to promote an initiative or scheme.


Anything and everything about languages - with authenticity and more

National HRD Network Kolkata Chapter

A non-profit origination with members from the human resource community in West Bengal.

Network 4 Green Earth

Network 4 Green Earth is a group of honest corporate Samurais. Our life’s mission is to leave behind a world for our children which is cleaner, greener and more prosperous than the one we had inherited from our forefathers. We are just a ripple on the ocean today. Come join us so that we may become the tidal wave that we hope to grow up to be, one day. Imagine. We will. Mother Earth commands no less.

NiHT Digital Marketing

NiHT offers corporate training and IT solutions. This mailing list is used to send out information about service updates, special offers and discounts.

Why Digital Marketing is the Ultimate Weapon!

November 4th 2016

Advanced Digital Marketing Training Advanced Digital Marketing Training [IMAGE] Program Benefits 8 certification [1]One course leads to 8 certification (6 GOOGLE, FACEBOOK and NIHT) GOOGLE Adword Certified [2]Lectures imparted by experienced and GOOGLE Adword Certified faculty Real Life Case Studies [3]Gain perspective on Real Life Case Studies shared by professionals Practical insights [4]Practical insights from other seasoned industry professionals only c ...Continue Reading

RCGC AGM 2019: Team Abhay

Support Team Abhay and receive latest updates on the upcoming Elections at RCGC.

Team Abhay Vision

September 15th 2019

TEAM ABHAY What DRIVES Us: We aspire to be recognized as a world class golf course with contemporary supporting club facilities. We will make a difference to the game and society through our conduct, responsible members and innovative approach to club operations. Value Pillars * Integrity * Transparency * Accountability * Respect The Value pillars of RCGC guide the way it acts and takes decisions. RCGC respects its members, their opinions and traditions. It is ac ...Continue Reading

Rotary Global Rewards

The mailing list of RC Calcutta Endeavour is used for announcements, outreach and to promote Rotary events and initiatives hosted by our club.

Serve society better through Rotary

March 23rd 2017

Dear Rtn. , At the meeting of your Rotary Club today, Mr. Ashok Kumar Nagpuria, President RC Calcutta Endearvor, will speak about Pratygya 2017, the District Training Assembly for our Rotary District, scheduled to be held on Sunday, May 14, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Kolkata. If you wish to register for the event, please bring cash or cheque payable to Rotary Club of Calcutta Endeavour - Events for Rs. 2100/- The District Training Assembly is important because you will learn to further devel ...Continue Reading

Saraf & Chandra Mailing List

Established in 1991 the CA firm of Saraf & Chandra started off as a Partnership Firm in Kolkata providing professional services to Small, Medium and Large Size Clients primarily in the field of Audit, Assurance, Tax Practice and Consultancy. During the journey of 25 years, we have traversed through the traditional area of practice and have ventured into new dimensions including Risk Advisory, Tax Advisory, Corporate Advisory and KPO Services. Being focussed has enabled us to carve out a niche, thanks to our dedicated team of professionals and their commitment and uncompromising professional standards and ethics.

Studio Pomegranate

This is a medium frequency mailing list for announcing new content and offers about photography posted on the website and social media channels of Studio Pomegranate.

Established in 2009, Studio Pomegranate has become a one stop shop for everything photography. One interaction with us is all you need to know us better. The studio prides itself in being able to give the best of everything.

SXC 1987 Batch

Mailing list of the batch of 1987 of St. Xavier's Collegiate School, Kolkata. Flow frequency news and announcements about meetings and reunions.

SXC 1988 Batch

Mailing list of the Batch of 1988 of St. Xavier's Collegiate School, Kolkata. Flow frequency news and announcements about meetings and reunions.

Dinner with Nirjhar Goswami on 06/04 (today!) at Chillies, Quest Mall

April 6th 2019

Boys, Nirjhar is in town and we meet him today (sorry about the short notice) Saturday, 06/04 for drinks and dinner at Chillies, Quest Mall@ 8:00 pm. This is near the Park Circus crossing ( https://goo.gl/maps/oSje55Xy81J2 ). There is no dress code - but do come dressed. Parking is available in the basement parking lot of the mall. Please confirm your presence on the WhatsApp group, or directy with organizer Rajiv Thomas, if you have not done so already. ...Continue Reading

The Dalhousie Institute

Mailing list for sending out club news and announcements to members.

Major Changes & a Four Day Pujo Picnic [DI Newsletter Sep 13-18]

September 13th 2017

Dear Members, Forgive us there is a little mess up with this newsletter. We have shifted our website, on a trial basis, to a new server -- this means the newsletter will come to you via another account. Don't worry. We will shortly have the whole thing sorted out. But meanwhile, here is the news! The Week Ahead... Friday, 15th Sept - 8.30 pm Club Night​​​ BLUE MIST plays LIVE@DI Some blues, some rock, some pop and a whole lot of swag - that's the heady cocktail for the night! ...Continue Reading


Travelivo - travel to live. We are a Kolkata based provider of experiences for holidays, weddings and treks. Travelivo is led by Anuradha Dugar.

Introducing TRAVELIVO by Anuradha Dugar

February 2nd 2016

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Unitech FD Claims Registration Reminder List

This is a followup mailing list of people who have claimed refund of their FDs with Unitech but have made an incomplete application on the Supreme Court mandated Portal for Submission of Claims for Refund of Unitech Fixed Deposits. This mailing list with send out frequent reminders to claimants with incomplete submissions. Once a claimant has resubmitted his claim, he / she is expected to unsubscribe from this list so that he / she stops receiving further followup reminder messages.

Unitech FD Claims Registration Reminder List Message

December 14th 2017

This is the final repeat of an important announcement about your Unitech FD number . We had sent the [1]original announcement on Tuesday, 28 Nov 2017. If you have already acted on that announcement and registered successfully on the Portal on or after Tuesday, 28 Nov 2017 then please ignore the remainder of this message and unsubscribe from this mailing list. Please note that the application which you had made for refund of your FD with Unitech was incomplete and has therefore been deleted. Y ...Continue Reading